You find all our cabins right next to the water. With privat lake access and a fishingboat it is real easy to try out the fishing experience surrounded by beautiful nature.

For some of our guests fishing is a way to relax and take it easy. For others it is a the most important part of the staying in Sweden. Northern pike and perch are the most common fishes in our area and you will be able to catch them at all or cabins. So no wonder that we have a lot of guests that return from year to year.

You do not need a fishinglicense to try out fishing at our lakeside cabins. But for som lakes you need a fishingcard. You can buy it at
Usually the cost is about 15 Euros a week (free for kids up to 16 years).

The lake Yngen (house Lövudden and Yngslandet) with its clear and deep water also offers the chance to catch several different kinds of salmon.