Season 2024 open for booking now!

Posted October 13, 2023
Hammaren August 23

The next summer is just around the corner…

Days are getting shorter in Sweden now, but there’s enough of sunlight to show us the beautiful colors of fall!

With amazing summer memories in our mind, we started to plan the next season recently and opened up our booking for the summer season 2024. Quite a few weeks got booked right away.

Maybe you are thinking about your next holiday in Sweden?

You are welcome to check out our lakeside cabins and see what weeks are available.

We would be pleased to have you here as our guest in Värmland / Sweden next year!

Best wishes from Sweden!

Anja and Harald

Summer in Sweden!

Posted May 28, 2023
Lövudden maj

The sun seems to shine for ever in the evenings, the lake invites you for a canoe or fishingtrip. Sauna and campfire - our lakeside cabins are ready for you!

Most weeks are booked already but we still have a few weeks available. Please check for availability or send a message to us.

Very welcome to Värmland/Sweden!

Aurora borealis

Posted March 19, 2023
Aurora Yngslandet 1

Magical moments! Aurora borealis - the northern light - right in front of one of our houses. After missing it several times we were lucky a few days ago and could watch this wonderful natural spectacle at our lake in Värmland! So impressiv and wonderful!
Now we are checking the weather forecast and the aurora-app every day, if there could be another chance to catch one of this rare and fantastic experiences...
Here are some impressions...

Best wishes!

Anja & Harald