For over 30 years we have been offering our lakeside cabins to guests from all over the world. That is quite some time.

A lot of our guests come to revisit. Some of them more than once. A group of fishermen have been in the Vintersjönhouses for more than 12 years now. And a family has been returning every summer - 15 years in a row....

We wish we had a guestbook to show you here. Starting in 1994 and going on until now. That would have been interesting! All the letters, messages and words that reached us over the years. And yes - we had some comments about a bed being too soft, a quirky gardenchair or a little dust under the couch. But we keep receiving a great amount of likes for the beautiful place on the lake, the wonderful nature experience an the charming cabins.

If you feel like digging deeper we added some links to reviews we got as we occassionly rent our cabins through Airbn:

Reviews house Lövudden at Airbnb

Reviews house Stensjön at Airbnb

Reviews house Yngslandet at Airbnb

"The place is a classic Swedish house located in a very beautiful nature in a good distance away from neighbours but still not to far from grocery stores in the town nearby. We were so happy to enjoy the Swedish nature, the almost private lake were we could do some fishing by canoe or boat, and by the afternoon we had a cozy time around the bonfire. Can truly recommend this place."

"We had a great time at this beautiful cabin. It’s the perfect place for shifting temporarily to a slow and simple life. It’s next to the lake, surrounded by nature, in a quite location. Harald is a great host, very easy to communicate with and extremely attentive. I recommend this cabin to anyone looking to disconnect for a few days from their busy life."

"We had an absolute blast staying at the cabin. Simple, but everything you need and really cozy. The surroundings were beautifull and with a great sense of privacy."